Company Overview

Welcome to Lizzart Granito, Where you can find the ingenious sharp vision, global network and powerful backbone.

A brand backed by most ultra modern set up,has been promoted by the Gujarat based dynamics business enterpreneurs, offering the most updated products in new technology Floor tile segment, standing for a king of its own with 'better than before edge' in the Floor tile category.

The Glorious & fascinating world of Vitrified tiles created by "Lizzart Granito". Rejuvenate your senses with our mesmerizing range of Vitrified tiles having stunning designs & vibrant as well as cool shades suiting your temperament.

Rest assured about quality also while choosing from this wonderful collection. Taking the advantage of the latest technology, we have been able to create a combination of Beauty & Quality. This makes a path of harmony.

Select any series from this range and enjoy its delighting beauty years over years

Our Vision

Gain world wide recognition in the field of ceramic building products through Research and innovation and bring enhanced lifestyle within reach of every household.

Our Mission

At Lizzart Granito we are committed to delight customers with world class ceramic products and services, make Lizzart Granito synonymous with best quality and set new benchmarks of excellence for all stakeholders.

Message From The CMD


Dear Customer,

Lizzart Granito ushered the new age ceramic technology in India, revolutionizing the very concept of Tile usage.

Lizzart Granito always endeavours to meet the aspiration of, well informed Youth of today as also the well travelled modern populace of India who always wondered while being abroad "Why can't we have such stuff available locally."

At Lizzart Granito we are committed to bridge this gap through indegenious R&D and cooperation with International Giants through licensing and Joint ventures.

Happy surfing,

Warm regards,

Research and Development

Boasts of highly accurate measurements, and safe and suitable sample preparation; perfect for qualitative and quantitative analysis due to its wide dynamic concentration range and support for wide range of elements

Nano Technology

About Nano Technology

Nano technology has to do with a micro scale measured in nano metres (1 billionth of a metre, which is roughly 1000th of the thickness of a human hair). In ceramics, tiles faces are coated with nano-sized ceramic particles that penetrate micro pores of the surface with the help of suitable suspension agents, all applied under very high pressure with a special imported machine. Such nano technology helps the tiles face gain a never-before glossiness of at least 90%. Along with other desirable characteristics like skid resistance, stain resistance, durability and easy maintenance.

The Nano Technology Advantages

  • More than 90% glossiness
  • Smooth, homogeneous surf
  • Stain free
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Environment-friendly nano tech coating material

First Time in India New EDGE Technology

Cutting edge technology, which is what you are dealing with here. It is a 4th Generation technology that has helped prepare a series of multi-layered tiles. And, the effect is simply stunning. This technology lends a 3D touch to the tiles, I making your personal zone seem surreal & fantastic. This unique impact is credited to a world class technology 4G Multicharger. It has been a pioneering p effort for Lizzart Granito. We are the first to introduce this technology in the I Indian market.


We believe in developing and maintaining a long-term relationship with a client.

Welcome to LIZZART GRANITO, Where you can find the ingenious sharp vision, global network and powerful backbone.

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